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How We Can Help

We focuses on building technical teams for start-ups from seed funding through IPO. All candidates go through a thorough an extensive pre-screening process, ensuring you only see those who are a close match to your hiring needs and reducing time to hire. The goal is always to save internal interview teams as much as possible. 

What Sets Us Apart

We firmly believes that finding the right candidate requires a partnership between our recruiters and your hiring team.

Our process starts with an in-depth intake call - an opportunity to understand what will make a candidate the perfect fit. We'll discuss:

  • Technical requirements of the role

  • Other required "hard skills"

  • Company culture match

  • Major challenges facing your team

  • Goals for open headcount

  • How the role will fit into your larger organization and hiring plan

  • Characteristics that make for successful employees within your company

  • Strategies to find the best candidate quickly

We recognize that our partnership gives us the privilege of representing your brand. We never "batch" message candidates, instead we individually access each profile for fit before sending a custom reach-out on your behalf.

Hiring a Diverse Workforce

We strongly believes that a workforce made of diverse backgrounds create the most successful teams. In this spirit, we offer specialized sourcing services for candidates from underrepresented backgrounds as well as diversity and inclusion training for internal hiring teams.

Jenna has worked as a Diversity and Inclusion consultant for Patreon, Netflix and others for the past three years and actively seeks to aid companies in understanding and creating inclusive environments.

Jenna's article on diversity in the university setting was accepted and presented at the New York State Communication Association's annual conference.

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